DragonBones 5.2 provides a amount of new features and user experience upgrade compare with version 5.1:

  1. Add frames symbol type. Convenient to produce frames animation.
  2. Support export DragonBones binary data format. Greatly improve H5 runtime performance.
  3. Add canvas property for symbol to enable to set symbol’s border and background color.
  4. Cloning Symbol.
  5. Press Ctrl + # to group multi-select grid points, and then press # to quickly select them.
  6. Integrate the functionality of the published web page into the export panel. (Export HTML, select “publish” type)
  7. Reduce the frequency of online detection. You can save project in offline status.
  8. Optimize Photoshop import plug-in, resolve the problem that sometimes images imported from Photoshop is too large to show in DragonBones.
  9. Right-click on timeline blank space to create tween between two frames
  10. Click export path in the successful export pop-up prompt window will automatically shut the window down.

Below describes the first four new features in detail:

  • Add frames symbol type. Convenient to produce frames animation

DraonBones is good at making skeletal animations but not good at making fames animation. Based on a lot of real user requirements, we decided to provide a new frames symbol to make frames animation.

You can easily produce frames animation with this symbol. Just drag images into stage will auto generate frames sequence. You can quickly sort the images, adjust position by keyboard to make alignment, , horizontal and vertical flip and apply to all frames. There are also onion skin features.

If you want to make a pixel style frames animation, it is recommended to close the Image Smooth Display in Preferences.

  • Support export DragonBones binary data format. Greatly improve H5 runtime performance.

The advantage of Dragonbones Binary is as same as Egret Fast format. Compare with JSON format, it can reduce 70% memory cost, and reduce more loading time. So what’s the different between Dragonbones Binary and Egret Fast format? Here is the point, there is no animation effect lost. As you know, Egret Fast does not support Mesh, Weight, and animation blending. Dragonbones Binary support them all! So it can replace JSON totally. And performance is better than Egret Fast.

  • Add canvas

With canvas, you can set the size and background color of the exported images. And you can publish a symbol with canvas as HTML web page.

Check the “Canvas” option in property panel, then you can set canvas size, position and color. If the color option is unchecked, the background will be transparent. Click the “Fit min image area” will calculate and generate the minimum canvas size according to all the animations (Make sure all the animations will be shown in canvas).

Stage will be removed in next release since it is same as canvas.

  • Duplicate symbol 

Now, you can clone a symbol by duplicating it in library directly.