Happy New Year!

I know you are look forward of DragonBones Pro 5.6. Now, it is released in the new year.
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DragonBones Pro 5.6: New and enhanced features!
This video is made by Poedil 88. You can subscribe his Youtube channel. He did great tutorials of DragonBones. Thanks~ Poedil 88.
Let me introduce the new features of 5.6 one by one.

Import PSD directly

Yes! You can drag and drop the PSD file into DB to import it. No need to install Photoshop anymore.

The PSD file will be automaticaly splited into PNG files by layers. And it will be shown in stage with the same draw order and position as it is in Photoshop. And the import speed is faster than import with Photopshop plugin.

Notice that, it is better not to use blending options (such as Satin or inner glow) or Mask layers. If you want to use them, rasterize layer or flatten image before you saving the PSD files. Or there will be errors when you import the PSD file.

IK timeline

In the past, the IK bend and weight cannot be changed during animation.

Now, with 5.6, we add IK timeline. With it, you can add keyframe for IK bend and weight. So you can adjust IK bend or weight during animaiton.

Rulers and Guides

Same as Photoshop, you can show rulers and add guides in the stage.

In preferences window, you can set the show/hide rulers, set the color the guides, show/hide the guides (Ctrl + ;), guides movable (Ctrl + Alt+;).

New preferences window

Since more settings are added, we re-design the preferences window. Now, it is more clear to find settings.

Texture preview in export window

If you used DB 4.5, you may remember there is texture preview area in export window, but it is simple and ugly.

In DB 5.0, we refine the exprot window and remove the texture preview area. But some guys want it back.

So, we bring it back in 5.6 and enhance it. Now you can preview texture in export window and you can zoom in/out to view the detail of texutre. If you do not want to see it, you can uncheck the preview option to turn it off. Then it will not be shown in next time you launch the export window.

“Export to”

This is a new funciton. With it, you can set the export destination. There are 3 options:

  • Same folder as the project
    The files will be export to the folder same as the project file. It just like the default settings of previous DB.

  • Specific folder
    You can specify any folder as export desination.

  • Choose folder later
    After clicking “Finish” button, it will pops up the specify desination window, then you can choose folder to export.

The “Export to” options will be saved after closing the export window. Next time you launch the export window, you will see the same settings.

For example, project A, you set “Specific folder” and specify a folder C. Then you open project B, export it, you will find that the “export to” option still set as “Specific folder” and the destination folder is still folder C. So, if all your files should be export to the same folder, it is more easy to do it. (If the project name are same, the export file will overwrite the exists files.)

GIF with transparent background

Everyone wants GIF with transparent background, is it right? Now, you have it.

And there is a new option called “Quality lost”. The range between 1 to 20. 1 means best quality and longest exporting time. 20 means worst quality and shortest exporting time. You can blance it.

And now, when you export GIF, the progress bar is more clear and you can cancel it during exporting.

Replace image

We refine the replace image workflow and UI, you can replace image with the image in the library.

Paste special

In 5.6, when you copy and paste a bone, all the child bones, slots and the keyframe in timeline of animation will be pasted in the same time.

And if you select “Paste special” in the context menu, you can set the contents of paste special.

Copy and paste cross project or armature

It means that you can copy a bone from prject A and paste it to project B, with all child bones, slots and the animations!

Notice that, if you want the animations also be pasted, you need to make sure there is a same name animaiton in both project.

For example, there is an animation named “Run” in project A. Then you need to make sure there is also an animation named “Run” in project B. Then you copy and paste a leg from A to B, the keyframe in “Run” animation of this leg will be also be copied and pasted from A to B.

It is same with armatures.

Customize color of bone

You can customize different color of each bone. For example, you can set the bones of arms to blue and set the bones of leg to red. It make you more easy to find them during rigging.

Context menu refine

The context menu is refined and add hotkey lables in it. And add 4 new options:

  • Hide Related
    Hide the selected bone and all the child bones, slots.

  • Lock Related
    Lock the seleced bone and all the child bones, slots.

  • Copy Slot property
    Copy the selected slot property, inlcude color, Alpha, Blendmode and display.

  • Paste Slot property
    Paste the slot property.

Play the child armature in editor

As you know, before 5.6, the embed child armature cannot be played in editor when you playing the main armature. You need to preview it in browser.

Now, with 5.6, you can see the embed child armature be playing in editor when you playing the main armature.

But notice that, if the embed child armature more than one level, the armature more than one level still cannot be played. You still need to preview it in browser.

And if the total frames of main armature and child armature are differnt. The animaiton of child armature maybe incomplete when playing in editor. For example, if there are 10 frames in main and 4 frams in child, then the child will be played 2 and a half loops. I think you can understand this. If you using the project in game, it is not a problem, the animation will be played normal in game. (But if you export GIF, you need to fix it by addjust the timeline, such as repeat the timeline of main to make it equle to 20 frames.)

Publish HTML and embed into WIX.com

Export as HTML, and set the type to “Publish”, then it will generate a HTML file.

You can embed the HTML code into your web page, the DB animation will be show on the page.

If you have a WIX.com account. You can copy all the code in the exported HTML file, and add a HTML code element, paste the code into it. The DB animation will be shown on the page.

Here is a demo page that made with Wix

Online preview

The online preview address is:

With it, drag and drop all the exported date files (xxx_ske.json, xxx_tex.json, xxx_tex.png) into the web page. You can preview the DB animations.

It support following date verison:
  • DragonBones JSON 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5
  • DragonBones Binary

New Hotkeys

  • Jump keyframe in timeline : Y and H
  • Transform toolbar, switch input box : Tab
  • Show/Hide Guides : Ctrl + ;
  • Turn on/off guides moveable : Ctrl + Alt + ;
  • Trun on/off timeline filter : Ctrl +D
  • Rename : F2
  • Copy Transform : Ctrl + Shift + C
  • Paste Transform : Ctrl + Shift + V


  • Mesh vertexs with weight are jiggling during playing in editor issue.
  • Distribut to Frames does not work issue.
  • Preview in brower, the default size is too large issue
  • Remove tex when exporting spine data files.
  • The exported spine data files can not be used in GM2 issue.
  • Sometime, garbled draw order issue.
  • When using multiple libraries, save as does not copy all libraries issue.
  • Halt a while when switching to project with many images issue.