DragonBones 5.5 is relesaed!

Dragonbones 5.5  is released!

You may notice that there is no 5.4. We just skipped the 5.4 version number since we do not like it. It's a joke 🙂 . The real reason is that this is a big version. Not only add more function in the editor, also update the Dragonbones data format version to 5.5.


Download DragonBones Pro 5.5

~ What's New ~

- Split the timeline

This is a big change. The timeline of bone splits into translate, rotate and scale. The timeline of slot splits into color and display index. After splitting, you can made animations more flexible. You can add key frame to the specify property, and apply curve to the specify tween.

For example, a bone translate from A point to B point and rotating one circle during moving. Now you can apply fade in and out curve to the rotate only, and keep the translate still in line curve.

After splitting the timeline, the obvious change is the flag button. The flag button is moved from timeline panel to several place, on transform toolbar and property panel of slot. Each property has its own flag button.

Layout of timeline panel is also updated. The top area is enlarged, and  divides into draggable area and box selectable area. In draggable area, you can drag to control the green play pointer. In box selectable area, you can box select the lead keys.

And we show the key offset value on timeline when dragging key. It works for  both single key and multiple keys.

And just notice, we move the onion button to the left area.

- X,Y lock scaling

When locking the scale,  adjust x or y scale value, another one will changed accordingly.

- Section loop playback

Set the"S" - Start frame and the "E" - End frame, with the repeat animation option enabled, the animation will be loop playing in the specify section.

"C" means current, with it is enabled, it will automatically scroll timeline during playback.

- Timeline filter lock

With timeline filter enabled, only the selected bone can be shown in timeline. Then enable lock button to lock the filter, the timeline will always show the selected bone when the lock is triggered. And it will prevent timeline items from changing to selected bones. Click the "refresh" button, it will update timeline items to selected bones. Click the "Select" button, it will automatically select the bones that shown in timeline.

With the timeline filter lock, you can compare and edit several specify bones' timeline.

For example, if you want to edit timeline of bone B according to timeline of bone A. If the timeline filter is disable, bone A and B are faraway from each other. So you need to enable timeline filter, then select both bone A and B. Then enable the filter lock, the timeline of bone A and B will be locked and continue showing. After that, you can select bone B only to edit it's timeline according to timeline of bone A easily.

- Auto generate mesh outline

Auto generate mesh outline according to the edge of image. You can set the density from 1 to 5, it effects the amount of the vertices on mesh outline. This is a new function, if you have any suggestions on it , please comments blow.

- Add more hotkeys

  • Set parent: P
  • Navigate to the parent of current bone: B
  • Navigate to the first child of current bone: N
  • Navigate to the next brother of current bone: M
  • Add / remove tween of the selected key: J
  • Holding the middle button of mouse and push-pull it, the scene will zoom in and out.  Since some users said that they do not have wheel of mouse (Using graphics tablet)

- Adjust order of bones in the same level

Holding Ctrl key, then drag the bone in scene tree, you can adjust the order of bones in the same level.

- Find in animation or library panel

Now, you can find in animation or library panel. If you have many animations or resource, this will be helpful.

- Data format upgrade to 5.5

Dragonbones data format upgrade to 5.5. 

41 thoughts on “DragonBones 5.5 is relesaed!”

  1. Thanks for keeping a steady flow of improvements come to dragonbones. One question: Is there a reason, why bones have a max lenght limitation to 500? Is there any particular reason, or can this limitation be removed? Would be great 🙂

  2. Hey,
    great to see that dragonbones is developed so actively. I have a question concerning the max bone length. Is there a reason why bones are limited to a max length of 500? Could this limitation be removed somehow?

    Another question. Can dragonbones 5.5 import 4.5 json data format? Meshes are not generated properly for me.

    1. The function "auto generate mesh outline" is just generate outline, maybe sometimes is not properly, we will improve it in the future 🙂

    2. Yes, sure. 5.5 can import 4.5 json data format. Mesh outline auto generate still need be refine. For now, you need to modify the results manually. Thanks.

  3. Hey great to see dragonbones is developed so actively. I have a question. Is there a reason why dragonbones only supports a max bone length of 500? Can this limitation be removed somehow?

    Another question. Can dragonbones 5.5 import json files with a 4.5 data format? It seems it has problems?

    1. thank you, we can remove this limitation in next version.
      Dragonbones Pro 5.5 can import json files with 4.5 data format, please upgrade version to if you still have problems, please email the json file to us.
      welcome to use QQ to contact us, download url is http://im.qq.com/download/ , our QQ group number is 530077872

  4. Hey Pals, i last hotfix fixed most of the bigger problems i had with this version but i have encountered some more bugs into the last update, i sent you a mail yesterday detailing some of these, please be sure to review it!

  5. Hi again,

    I was thinking more like dragonbones forum or simular, not commenting on each version release... anyway where is my suggestions for the future versions:

    - Change the pivot point on sprites

    This can be very useful when you want to rotate an sprite around a specific point, like a forearm rotates from an elbow or leg from the hip.

    - Idea: When holding certain key ( D for example ) you can move your pivot point and set a new pivot position, on key release you get back to move sprite mode.

    - Mesh subdivision

    Mesh subdivision can be very useful because you don't have to worry about each individual vertex points, just place "main" vertices and subdivide mesh. When you modify your mesh, you only move "main" vertices, and the vertices that are generated by subdivision are moved automatically to middle of the "main" vertices.

    Same happens with weight. Only paint weight for "main" vertices and subdivided vertices are always half value of the "main" vertices. For example: if "A" is 100% of the one bone, and "C" is the 100% of the other, "M" is 50% of each bone.

    Also notice on first image how subdivided vertices also follow the curvature of the mesh to retain smooth mesh.

    Examples above are from GenAnim - UbiArt Framework engine.

    That's it for now, I got more suggestions, but other time...

    Thank you so much!

      1. Hi,

        Did you saw images that i post with previous comment, cause i don't see them anymore?

        I will definitely check for QQ.

        Thank you!

  6. Hi!

    Is there anywhere where we can suggest some new features, improvements, bug fixes...?

    Thank you so much for your effort, great job!

      1. Could it be impossible to add the short key into next version?
        I was tired to use my mouse for command action, such as layer, copy and paste the keyframes.

  7. Just found another thing.. Are we no longer able to copy / paste keyframes of 1 animation into other? That's really odd.

    When multiple animations share same base pose I've to reanimate the base pose for each animation exact the same. Because copy paste is no longer available I would need to select each bone separately and copy paste every single property(rotation,transformation, scale) into the new animation.

  8. Set Mesh Keyframe

    In 5.5 I see no possibility to set a deafault key frame for meshes. Before there was this flag icon that would allow me to keyframe what is currently selected. Now that icon is removed from the timeline which is not a bad thing. While all properties like transform, rotate, color, display, draw order etc has a flag icon beside it to set a key frame I don't see a chance to set a key frame for meshes. There is no flag icon

    I've to move a vertice so it's auto-keyed. I think this is a dirty way to do it 😀
    Please give us the option to set a keyframe for meshes without the need to change the base pose of the character.. thank you

    1. Yes, you are right. Now the flag is on each properties. And for Mesh, we miss it. We will add flag for mesh soon. Thank you for your comments.

  9. Auto generate mesh outline

    This was something I was waiting for. However it seems not working correctly for me. When applying auto mesh, the outline is not set correctly to the image shape. Some parts of the image stay out of the created mesh so that the images gets cutted in such a way it shouldnt.

    So it's not really useful yet..

  10. Hello,
    i'm missing the feature where attachments(images) would auto bind to newly created bones.
    Before I could create a new bone on top of a image and that image would be bound to the newly created bone. The bone would be named according the image. In 5.5 it disappeared..

  11. Hello!
    In dragonbones 5.5 if you add one armature in another you won'y see graphics of inner armature in editor. But when you use "preview" or export - everything works fine

    1. Yes, this is a known issue from DB 4.5. There is a logical problem in this issue. We are still thinking how to resolve it. Thank you for your comments on that. We will try to fix it.

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