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DragonBones Pro 5.6 is released!

Happy New Year! I know you are look forward of DragonBones Pro 5.6. Now, it is released in the new year. Downlaod DragonBones Pro 5.6 <a href=”http://www.egret.com/api/download/index?app=DragonBonesPro&amp;v=5.6.0&amp;f=product&amp;ext=exe” target=”_blank”> Windows v5.6 </a> <a href=”http://www.egret.com/api/download/index?app=DragonBonesPro&amp;v=5.6.0&amp;f=product&amp;ext=dmg” target=”_blank”> Mac v5.6 </a> <h5>DragonBones Pro 5.6: New and enhanced features!</h5> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zbhhqFcIm4This video is made by <a href=”https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvy5Pju0PqVNrHsXsnrQsLg”>Poedil 88</a>. You can subscribe his Youtube channel. He did great tutorials of DragonBones. Thanks~ Poedil 88. Let me introduce.. Read More

DragonBones for Unity

We just released the DragonBones for Unity. It is a plugin for Unity. With it, you can using the DragonBones data files in Unity. The plugin is an unitypackage file. Click the following button to download. Downlaod Here is the video guide about how to use it.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2fTwwisIncThe plugin is an open source project, you can find it on github https://github.com/DragonBones/DragonBonesCSharp

DragonBones 5.5 is relesaed!

You may notice that there is no 5.4. We just skipped the 5.4 version number since we do not like it. It’s a joke 🙂 . The real reason is that this is a big version. Not only add more function in the editor, also update the Dragonbones data format version to 5.5.   Download DragonBones Pro 5.5 Windows v5.5 Mac v5.5 Here is a introduction video of new feature.. Read More

What’s New in DragonBones Pro 5.3

DragonBones 5.2 provides a amount of new features and user experience upgrade compare with version 5.1: Add frames symbol type. Convenient to produce frames animation. Support export DragonBones binary data format. Greatly improve H5 runtime performance. Add canvas property for symbol to enable to set symbol’s border and background color. Cloning Symbol. Press Ctrl + # to group multi-select grid points, and then press # to quickly select them. Integrate.. Read More

What’s New in DragonBones Pro 5.2

DragonBones 5.2 provides a small amount of new features and a large number of user experience upgrade compare with version 5.1: 1. Optimize the grid editing, weight adjustment related user experience, support edit mesh with mesh deformed. 2. Copy and paste bones, slot, images across project and symbols. 3. Enhance the preview feature. It can switch components and animation 4. Export panel optimization, add export specified frame and export web… Read More